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WK Webster


Consulting Marine Engineers & Marine Surveyors


Services available include the following:

  • Hull and machinery surveys on behalf of Insurance Companies, Owners, P & I Clubs and Lawyers.
  • Investigation of collisions with fixed or floating objects, total losses and other casualties.
  • Risk management, safety case assessment and studies for ships, jetties, ports and shipyards.  Assessment of safety health, environment and quality systems of ships and oil rigs for banks, charterers, owned and managed.
  • Shipyard design layout and capability assessment.
  • Project supervision and superintendency including major conversions, major repairs and new buildings.
  • Appraisal of salvage services, including groundings, firefighting, oil pollution and wreck removal.
  • Ship inspection for seaworthiness, cargo worthiness, condition for sale or purchase, valuation, general condition surveys, insurance attachment survey, warranty surveys, Towage approval surveys  and P & I Club entry surveys.
  • Determination of speed and angle of blow in collision cases, including the use of computer assisted techniques.
  • Provision of expert opinions relating to admiralty litigation and arbitration cases.
  • Acting as expert witness for international marine dispute and arbitration cases.
  • Authorised appraiser on behalf of the High Court in Singapore for conducting vessels condition survey and valuation. 
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair yard risks assessment surveys on behalf of Underwriters involved in Repairer's Liability Policies.
  • Survey and supervision of vessels involved in General Average situations.
  • Cargo inspections on behalf of Underwriters, P & I Clubs, Owners, Forwarders, Receivers and other parties involved in the transport of cargo.
  • Pre-shipment and landing surveys.
  • Cargo loss investigations.
  • Creation of operation, garbage and cargo securing manuals.
  • Creation of ballast water management.
  • Safety and Quality Management Consultancy.
  • Risk Assessment of ports, warehouses and factories on behalf of Underwriters.